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free things to do in budapest

Free things to do in Budapest

The 13 best free activities in Budapest Good news for people who want to visit Budapest on a tight budget. The first one is: Budapest is cheap. Which means you can do a lot of things without spending too…

Budapest with kids

Budapest with kids – fun for everyone

The best activities for children Are you thinking about visiting Budapest with your kids? That’s a great idea! Because the city is not only nice for grown ups, also your children will have loads of fun in the Hungarian…

3 days in budapest

3 days in Budapest: the best 3 day guide

If you go on a trip to Budapest, you probably want to make the most out of it without running around stressed in order to see all the highlights. So you might want to plan some things so you…

budapest day trips

The 6 best day trips from Budapest

If you just spend of couple of days in Budapest, you might want to stay in the city since there is a lot of things to do. But if you go for a bit longer, or it’s your second…

Budapest nightlife: The Best bars in budapest

When you say Budapest you say ruin bars. They are really unique and a typical Hungarian invention. The person who came up with the idea of turning an abandoned building into a bar should be honored with a medal.…

budapest winter

Budapest in Winter: what to do when it’s rainy or cold

It’s fantastic to walk through the Hungarian capital on a warm sunny day. To walk past the Danube in your shorts and flip flops enjoying the warm sun… Yes, that’ really a great feeling. But don’t be mislead: Budapest…

budapest christmas market

Budapest Christmas Market 2019: an overview

Budapest is not just a nice city to visit in summer. Also in the wintertime the city has magic to it. Especially during the period when the Budapest Christmas markets are around. Enjoy a warm wine, Hungarian delicacies and…

is budapest safe

Is budapest safe?

If you are planning on travelling to Budapest on your own you might wonder ‘Is Budapest Safe?’ The short answer is: yes Budapest is safe indeed. You don’t have to worry for your safety when travelling to the Hungarian…

gellert hill budapest

13 reasons to visit Budapest

Are you not sure yet whether to visit Budapest yes or no? After reading this 13 reasons to go to Budapest, you will know what to do. #1 It’s suuuuch a beautiful city Okay, maybe this is a cliche…