Budapest in Winter: what to do when it’s rainy or cold

It’s fantastic to walk through the Hungarian capital on a warm sunny day. To walk past the Danube in your shorts and flip flops enjoying the warm sun… Yes, that’ really a great feeling. But don’t be mislead: Budapest in winter also has a lot to offer. There is enough things to see and do on a when it’s rainy or cold in the ‘Paris of the East’. Plus if the city is covered with snow, it will feel like you are in a magic winter wonderland.

Check out the perfect things to do in Budapest in winter, or when the weather is bad.

Drink coffee or tea in style

new york cafe Budapest

Cold or bad weather in Budapest gives you the perfect opportunity to unwind and sit back and relax. And I’ve got the perfect spot for you to do this: in the most beautiful coffee-house in the world. New York Cafe. In this old coffee house you will feel like you take a step back in time. It is as if you are entering the filmset of Titanic and time stood still in this place since the opening in 1914. It is much more expensive to drink something here then anywhere else in the city, but its a unique experience. You will not be disappointed. Be aware that you might have to line up before getting a table, or otherwise make a reservation in advance.

Visit the Hungarian Parliament Building

budapest in winter - hungarian parliament

It’s impressive size, it’s beautiful location on the banks of the Danube and the way it’s gorgeous looks makes this building a beloved object for pictures. The Hungarian Parliament Building is not only one of the most buildings from the outside. From the inside the building is as imposing as from the outside. The golden staircase, the Hungarian crown jewels, the stained glass windows and the lush decoration are worth a visit. You can only visit this building with a guided tour. And thanks to this tour you will get a lot of background information about this unique building.

Take a bath in one of the many thermal baths

winter in Budapest

Where would you rather be on a cold winter day in Budapest than in spa in a nice warm bath? And there is no better place than Budapest to visit a bath house. There reason there are around 125 (!) thermal baths in Budapest is because the city is located on top of tons of springs with thermal water. The most famous is Széchenyi with 18 baths, of which 3 of them are outside. During winter you can visit them outdoor pools too and as long as you stay in side you will still be very comfortable. Read which Budapest baths are the best.

Visit a museum

Visit a museum is not the most original ‘things to do in winter-item’ on this page. But there is a reason for that. It’s definitely a good idea to visit one of them. Recommended museums to go to: Museum of Fine Arts on Heroes’ Square with work from prehistory to the present. Amongst other they have work from Raphael, Titian, El Greco, and much more. If you want to learn more about Hungarian culture and history, go check out the Hungarian National Museum.

Eat in a Michelin-starred restaurant

Budapest is cheap, much cheaper than most cities in Europe. And you might no expect it, but it has an excellent cuisine. There are 5 restaurants in Budapest with one Michelin star and there are even 2 restaurants with two starts. So what to do on a cold or rainy night? Comfort yourself and sit down in a nice and warm restaurant to enjoy one of the best meals you might have ever had. If you go for example to Borkonyha winekitchen you can get a menu for 23.000Ft (£61 / €70 / $75), and a main course already starts at 4.250Ft (£ 11/ $14 / €13). Check their menu here and check a list of all the Michelin-starred restaurants here.

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