The 6 best day trips from Budapest

If you just spend of couple of days in Budapest, you might want to stay in the city since there is a lot of things to do. But if you go for a bit longer, or it’s your second time around then it might be interesting to you to make a small trip. Because there is also a lot to see and do close by. Read all about the best day trips from Budapest on this page.

Drink the best Hungarian wines on a wine tour

You might not know it, but actually Hungary produces great wines. There are 22 different wine areas and the tradition goes back to the Roman times. The most famous of Hungarian wine is the Tokaj wine – a dessert wine – and the Bikavér which translates to bull’s blood.

So if you like to drink some good local wines, then it might be a good idea for you to go on a wine tour. You will visit 2 or 3 wineries, taste 4 wines at each location and enjoy a home-cooked meal at one of the local farms.

Off course you will also learn something about wine making along the way.

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Visit the beautiful villages Visegrád, Esztergom & Szentendre

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Close to Budapest in a turn of the Danube – called the Danube bend – lie 3 beautiful villages: Visegrád, Esztergom & Szentendre. And the good thing is that you can visit them all in one of the nicest day trips from Budapest.

Enjoy the views from the 750-year-old stones of the formal Royal Residence and the panorama of the Danube valley when you are in Visegrád. Visit the largest cathedral of Hungary in Esztergom. And stop in the artist’s village of Szentendre. Where you feel you step back in time.

In the summer you will head back to Budapest on a boat. And summer or winter, a 3-course meal is always included.

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See were the famous Sisi used to live

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Queen Elizabeth, widely known as Sisi, married on the age of 17 with the king of Hungary: Franz Joseph. They lived in Austria, but they had a summerhouse in a close distance from Budapest. This gorgeous palace in half an hour driving from the city, is nowadays open to the public.

You can make a day trip to this baroque palace and get to know all about the much loved empress Sisi and her husband. See for yourself how they lived and hear their stories from a professional guide.

Read more information & book this day trip here. Off course you can also go to the Gödöllő palace on your own. You can buy tickets here on advance.

Eger and the valley of the beautiful women

Eger is a beautiful small village in the northeastern part of Hungary. This city was founded by Saint Stephen, the first catholic king in the country. He also made sure to build a large cathedral on the castle hill of Eger. Small side note: you might recognize his name from the biggest church in Budapest ‘Saint Stephen Basilica‘.

The cathedral in Eger together with the many baroque buildings and a big minaret – a leftover from the domination by the Ottomans – give the town a unique appearance. On this day trip you will visit all the important attractions: the castle, the cathedral and the minaret.

After that you will visit the “Valley of the Beautiful Women” close to Eger. This is the home of Hungary’s most famous red wine Bikavér, also known as Bull’s Blood. Here you will have lunch and you will try some wines. Also you will visit some of the wine cellars in the valley.

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Cruise the Danube and visit the artist’s village Szentendre

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The charming town of Szentendre is located on a very short distance from Budapest. With a 20 minute car-ride or 45 minutes by train you are in this lovely scenic village. The colourful medieval houses, the small winding streets with cobble stones and the cute little square will make you smile.

You can go on a day trip from Budapest by boat. You will cruise the Danube to Szentendre, spend some hours there and then head back by boat again. Make sure to bring to bring your camera since the village in very photogenic.

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Enjoy the biggest sweet water lake in Europe

Lake Balaton is the biggest sweet water lake in Europe. It’s 77km long and has a total surface of nearly 600km2. The lake is situated in a beautiful surroundings surrounded by volcanic mountains and vineyards.

It’s a popular holiday destination for both locals and tourists. It even has its own airport. If you spend longer in Hungary it’s recommended to go to a nice town close to the lake and spend the night there.

If you don’t have that much time you can also go on an organised trip to see as much from the lake as possible. During this tour you will sail on a cruise in Balatonfüred and walk in a natural reserve with impressive views on the lake.

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