13 reasons to visit Budapest

Are you not sure yet whether to visit Budapest yes or no? After reading this 13 reasons to go to Budapest, you will know what to do.

#1 It’s suuuuch a beautiful city

Visit Budapest

Okay, maybe this is a cliche to start with. Because there are so many beautiful cities. So what difference does Budapest make? Well for instance, it’s not just my personal opinion. A lot of the sights and attractions in Budapest are on the UNESCO world heritage list. Amongst others the Buda Castle Quarter including the Fisherman’s Bastion (see picture above) is listed, just like the banks of the Danube.

Різноманіття акцій покерматч вразить кожного

Однією з привабливостей скачати покерматч є те, що кожен сезон проводяться різні акції. Акції дають вам бонусні гроші, безкоштовні обертання тощо.

Окрім сезонних акцій, також регулярно проводяться різноманітні щоденні та щотижневі акції. Навіть з однаковою акцією місії та цільові ігри щоразу відрізняються, не даючи гравцям нудьгувати.

#2 It’s proclaimed ‘Best Destination of Europe of 2019’

visit Budapest

Over half a million people voted this year for the competition Best European destination of 2019. Out of a list of 20 cities, they chose Budapest to be the winner. And this is for a reason! They all think this is a place you should visit. If not this year, than next year. So putting ‘pay a visit to Budapest’ on your bucket list is a very good idea.

#3 Budapest has amazing viewpoints

Budapest has a lot of great viewpoints where you can oversee all the beauty and charm this city has to offer you. For instance, you can climb the Gellert Hill. On top op this hill you can overlook both sides of the Hungarian capital: Buda and Pest. But also the Fisherman’s Bastion, the tower of Saint Stephen’s Basilica and castle hill have great views to offer to you.

#4 It’s cheap

Budapest is cheap to visit

A big advantage of visiting Budapest is that it’s cheap. It’s in the Top 10 of cheapest cities in Europe (source: Europe Backpacker Index). With a budget of a less than £30 a day (excluding your overnight stay) you can have a great day. And how nice is it that on your holiday you don’t have to worry all the time about how much money you’ve spend?! Just to give you an idea. For around £10 you can get dinner including a main course and a dessert. If you want to know more read my article ‘Is Budapest Cheap?‘.

#5 The banks of the Danube

Visit Budapest

Part of the magic of Budapest is that the Danube runs through it. Moreover its divides the city in its two parts: Buda and Pest. There are 8 bridges running over the Danube connecting the sides together. The most famous one being the Széchenyi Chainbridge. It’s great to stroll past the Danube and stumble across the famous Parliament Building, or to drink a coffee on one of the benches next to this famous river and just admire the great view.

#6 Art and culture for everybody

The Hungarian Parliament Building, the Hungarian State Opera, the biggest synagogue in Europe and Saint Stephen’s Basilica. This is just a small selection of the many, many cultural things you can see in Budapest. And than I didn’t even mention the more than 100 museums and art galleries. There is something interesting to see for everybody.

#7 You can find a lot of great food

When you think of Budapest your first thought will probably not be about the food. And if you do think about the food, you might think that it will not be too nice. So it might come as a surprise but the food in Budapest is very good. You can eat nice traditional food, but there is also a lot of modern and fusion food. If you are a vegan of vegetarian, you will like Budapest a lot. Oh and there are 4 Michelinstar restaurants in town, which you can visit relatively cheaply if you compare it to the prices at home.

#8 The many thermal baths

Picture: spasbudapest.com

When you say Budapest, you say baths. Because it’s situated on natural warm water sources, there are thermal baths everywhere. You can find over a 100 of them. That’s why one the nicknames of the city is ‘City of baths’. Some of the baths in Budapest are really gorgeous. So you will not just enjoy the warm water, but you can also enjoy the surroundings.

#9 You can drink the best coffee

coffee Budapest

Not only the food in Budapest is very good. Also the coffee here is outstanding. There are so many nice coffee places around. The one even better than the other. Traditional or modern? You can find it all. And you will notice that the profession of barista is taken very seriously in the Hungarian capital.

#10 There is a great nightlife

Budapest has a unique nightlife. This is because of the ruin bars. This probably doesn’t ring a bell. A ruin bar is a bar made in buildings which were about to extinct. Smart entrepreneurs made these buildings safe and gave them a new destiny: they became bars. The nice thing about these ruin pubs is that they are special. Mostly they have a very quirky interior and you will find all thrifted things. Apart from the ruin bars you will find a lot of beer gardens, great rooftop bars and off course clubs in the city.

#11 It’s clean and safe

deak ferenc ter

Tanks to the many trash cans and the good cleaning during night, Budapest is a very clean city. And that’s not all, it’s very safe too. You can walk around without worries. Off course you have to take care of your belongs, just like in any other big city. Just be careful taking a taxi. It’s always better to let the hotel order a taxi or to call one. Are you a woman alone? Go visit Budapest, it’s a nice and safe destination for you.

#12 The city is relatively small

The centre of Budapest with its highlights is relatively small. Which makes it quite easy to see a lot of the highlights in a small amount of time. Since it’s easy for you to reach from one to the other. If you have more days to visit Budapest, it’s a great place to just walk around and see everything on foot. If you are tired, have less days or just don’t want to walk to much you can take the public transport. The public transport is very well arranged in Budapest.

#13 There are nice shopping opportunities

shopping budapest

Ok, I admit: Budapest is maybe not the best place to go for shopping. But… make no mistake. You can do some nice purchases here. You could go to the Andrassy Avenue, which the Hungarians consider to be their own Champs-Élysées. Here you can find fancy shops like Luis Vuitton, Gucci and Roberto Cavalli. The most important shopping street though, is called Vaci utca (Vaci street). Here you find everything: local shops, big European brands and souvenir shops. And last but not least you can go to Kiraly street. Here you will find small boutique stores, shops with design items and beautiful shop windows. When you are here also make sure to find Gozsdu Udvar (on the picture above) where you will find a little market during weekends.

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