Climb gellert hill in budapest: what you need to know

gellert hill budapest

Gellert Hill is the highest easy accesible point of Budapest. And on top you are treated to an impressive view of the city. Climbing Gellert Hill is a must-do when you visit Budapest. It offers you great photo opportunities and a really nice walk. It’s well worth your time.

What makes the view extra spectacular is that from this point you can overlook both sides of the city: Buda and Pest. Now you probably understand why Gellerthill is on Unesco’s World Heritage list.

Walk up Gellert Hill

Walking up Gellert Hill is a very nice hike. Youwalk on a pathway surrounded with trees and every now and then there are lookouts from which you can see the city.

It’s not a tough walk allthough some parts of it are quite steep. The path is made from asphalt and it takes you about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the top if you start to walk at the end of Elisabeth Bridge. You can either start walking at the end of the Elisabeth Bridge or the Liberty Bridge.

I would recommend starting at Elisabeth bridge because this offers the nicest views. If you prefer to take a slightly easier path, than start at Liberty Bridge. Now you need to keep walking to the right to reach the Citadel on top off the hill.

Route via Elisabeth bridge

1. If you come from the Pest-side of the city, walk the Elisabeth bridge on the left side! At the end of the bridge you will find two stairs (see picture below). One going left and one going right. You can take both, but if you take the one on the left you are heading straight away in the right direction.

stairs to gellert hill

2. After you take the staire at the end of the bridge. Just follow the path and keep going to the left, since the top off the hill is situated left from the Elisabeth bridge (the picture underneath is taken in the wrong direction. If you follow the path the lamppost should be on your left hand side):

pathway gellert hill

3. If you see the statue of Liberty you have reached the top.

statue of liberty Budapest

4. Now enjoy the view of the city.

view from gellert hill

Take public transport up to Gellert Hill

If for whatever reason you want to go up Gellert Hill via different route, that’s possible. You can just take the bus. Both line 7 and 86 reach at 2 minutes to the top. Get off at Búsuló juhász stop.

Also the Hop on Hop off bus in Budapest makes a stop at Gellert Hill.

If you prefer you can also take a taxi to the top of the Gellert Hill. Be sure to read this information about travelling by taxi in Budapest, before you take one.

Gellert Hill’s attractions

On thop of Gellert Hill stands: the Citadel. This is a fort which was build during the reign of the Habsburg Monarchy. Nowadays it serves the opposite purpose: it’s a symbol of freedom. The entrance fee of the Citadel is 300 HUF (less than a pound).

On top off the hill you also find the statue of Liberty. This lady guards the freedom of Budapest and you can see her standing there in a lot of places in the city. This statue comemorates the liberation of Hungary from the Nazis.

On your way up you can also find a church in a cave and a monument for bishop Gellert. The hill thanks his to name to this bishop. Who supposedly has been thrown of the hill in a closed barrel by his enemies.


Tip 1. Climb Gellert Hill just before sunset and enjoy the spectacular view while the sun is going down.

Tip 2. You can also walk up during night and enjoy the magic of Budapest by night from here.

Tip 3. There is a toilet on top off the hil.

Tip 4. It can be really busy at Gellert Hill. The earlier in the morning, or the later in the evening in you go, the more quiet it is.

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