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szechenyi baths Budapest

The Szechenyi baths are the most popular thermal baths in Budapest. Both for tourists and locals alike. And that’s no surprise if you look at the amount of baths in the complex and the sheer beauty of the surroundings. Both the outside area the inside baths are pleasure to the eye.

Szechenyi baths prices

In the table below you find the prices for tickets. Buy your tickets online and you can skip the line at the Szechenyi baths. Especially in the high seasons it can get busy. And the tickets are the same price as they are when you buy them at the door.

Day ticket with cabin usage*£26 / €32Buy now >>
Day ticket with locker£26 / €31Buy now >>
after 6pm with cabinet or lockerfrom €19from €20

* Private cabin where you can change and store your belongings

Buy your tickets now

Order your tickets now and skip the line:

Szechenyi baths opening hours

This spa is open during the these hours:

Every day of the week6 am – 10 pm

During all the national holidays the complex is also opened at the same hours. Except for the following days when the hours are a bit different than usual:

December 24th: from 6am – 2pm (all facilities).
December 25th: from 10am – 6pm (all outdoor pools & most of the thermal section).
December 26th: from 6am – 8pm (all outdoor pools & most of the thermal section).
December 31st: from 6am – 6pm (all facilities).
January 1st: from 11am – 8pm (all facilities).

Tips for your visit

Whats’s the best time to visit?

It can get pretty busy in this popular spa complex in Budapest. Especially during the peak season from June till September. So if you want to try and avoid the crowd as much as possible make sure to enter the bath before 8.30 am. Around 11.30 am the bath starts to get really crowded. So let’s say you stay between 08.00 and 11.00 you picked a great timeslot. This is also the time most locals will go to Szechenyi baths, since it’s also a popular place for them to go to.

What to bring?

If you go this bathhouse make sure you will bring a towel and a pair of flip flops. It is obligated to bring slippers. Also make sure to dress appropriately. In Szechenyi baths it’s mandatory to wear swimwear. Don’t worry if you forgot to bring towels, or flip flops. You can rent them on the spot. But that’s not cheap! Also make sure to bring suntan and a good pair of sunglasses if you go on a sunny day.

Can I take pictures?

It’s allowed to take pictures inside Szechenyi spa. But make sure to pay attention to your camera. Off course you don’t want to drop it or lose it. Always keep an eye on your valuable items.

Is there a place to dry my clothes?

There are special machines to dry your swimwear and towels extra fast. So if you want to leave the complex make sure to throw them in, so you don’t have to carry around wet stuff the rest of the day.

Virtual tour

Are you curious what to expect from the baths? Than take a virtual tour through the complex. You can see both the outside areas and the pools inside.

History Szechenyi complex

Szechenyi was the first thermal bath in Budapest. It owes its existence to a mining expert, under whose leadership in 1885 drilling was done in the City Park. On that spot a bathhouse was built, but people were not satisfied and so the construction of the Széchenyi bathhouse started in 1913. Over the years it was expanded further and further and during the years other functions were added. complete renovation took place in 1999 and in this form the bathhouse still exists today.

How to get there?

The Szechenyi baths are situated in Budapest’s City Parc. You can reach it in the following ways:

By trolleybus: Take line 72.
By metro: Take metro 1 (M1) and get off at Széchenyi fürdő.

The address of the baths is: Kerület Állatkerti körút 9-11.

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