Practical information & useful tips for your visit to Budapest


Before you go on your trip to lovely Budapest it’s nice to already have some usefull information about the city. For example: is it a safe city, with what currency do I pay in Hungary and can I drink from the tap? On this page you find handy tips for you visit.

Safety in Budapest

When you go on a holiday you should always be careful with your stuff. The same goes for your trip to Budapest. Don’t leave your stuff unattended and don’t walk through dark alleys in the night. Also make sure pick pockets can’t steal anything from you. If you take the normal precautionary measurements Budapest is a safe city. Just be careful taking a taxi. It’s always better to let the hotel order a taxi or to call one.

Currency in Hungary

Hungary doesnt belong to the euro zone. In Budapest you pay with Hungarian Forint. Shortened to HUF or Ft. In some places pounds or euros will be accepted, but you pay a high conversion rate for that. So it’s not recommended at all. It’s a waste of your money to pay with any other currency than the Hungarian.

Read more about Budapest currency, tipping & how to pay

How much do you tip?

If you go to a restaurant in a different country you always wonder a bit wether you should tip or not. And if so, how much. Like in most countries it’s important to tip in Budapest. The people working in restaurants get very little paid. That’s why tips are very of great importance to them. It’s common to tip an extra 10%. You can either add it to the bill, or leave coins on the table.

Travel plug Budapest

Maybe it has happened to you before. You are travelling abroad and during night you want to plug in your phone. Whoops, you forget about a travel plug. Do you need a different plug in Budapest? In Hungary they use to different kind of plugs. The B-type and the C-type. The power plugs and sockets in England are G-type. So the answer is yes: you need a travel plug on your trip. The voltage is the same though (230V).

Water from the tap

Can you drink water from the tap in Hungary? Yes you can. It’s completely safe to drink from the tap. The water is from high quality and meets all European standards. Rumours were spread that the water isn’t safe, but that thats not true at all! Read also the statement of the company responsible to the water. If you travel to Budapest countryside then ask a local to be completely sure.

Best travel time Budapest

People often ask what’s te best time to visit Budapest. Well, that’s also depending on what you like. Since every season has something nice to offer. If you want warmth: go in Summer (June, July or August). Do you prefer having the possibility of seeing the city covered in snow and enjoy the Christmas markets? Go in december. Do you like to see the city with less tourists, but still with chances of sunny days? Visit the city in may (but it’s the wettest month!) or preferably in september. Also the less obvious months have there advantages. You can check them out in the month-per-month overview of the weather in Budapest.

Emergency numbers in Hungary

I hope you don’t ever have to use any of the numbers below, but just in case it might be handy to put them in your phone.

Alarm number in case of emergencies (police, ambulance, fire brigade)112
Police (if not urgent)107
Ambulance (if not urgent)104
Fire brigade (if not urgent)105
Tourist police (24/7)06-1-438-8080
Medical help in English (24/7)06-1-2400-475
Pharmacy (24/7)06-1-311-4439

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