All you need to know about travelling by bus in Budapest

Hop on hop off Budapest

In Budapest you’ll find over 200 bus lines. These buses can transport you easily from one highlight to the other, or in and out of the centre. A big advantage of the bus is that while travelling by bus you straight away get to see the city.

Types of buses in Budapest

There are a lot of different types of buses in Budapest. There regular one, the trolleybus, the night bus, the shuttle bus and tourist buses. See here an explanation for all of them:

  • Regular bus: With over 200 bus lines the regular buses can take you to almost all places in the city.
  • Trolleybus: These red buses drive only on the Pest-side of Budapest and in the Zugló area. They look like regular buses, but the difference is that those buses are guide by cables above the road. These buses are more silent and friendly for the environment then the regular ones.
  • Night bus: This buses are the same as the regular buses with the difference that they drive around the whole night. You can recognize the stops for this buses by the symbol of an owl on the signs. You also recognize them by the numbers of these lines: from 900 till 999. In total there are 37 night lines.
  • Shuttle bus from the airport: Bus 100E takes you easily from Budapest airport to the city centre. For this bus you need a different tickets then for the above mentioned buses.
  • Tourist buses: And then there are also the famous hop on hop off buses. There are not part of the public transport, but are very useful for tourists. They take you to the most important attractions in Budapest.


Check here the daytime transport services in Budapest, including buses and trolley buses.

map budapest tram

Timetable bus Budapest

Between 04.30 en 23.50 you can catch the regular buses. From 23.50 till 04.30 you can catch a night bus. To see the complete timetable of all buses in the Hungarian capital, you can check them here on website of the BKK, the Hungarian carrier.


There are different ways to buy a ticket for the tram. For example you can buy your ticket from the driver (but you pay a bit extra). But you can also buy different types of tickets and passes, some for a day, some for multiple days and so on. Read everything about public transport tickets in Budapest and about the two groups who can travel for free in Budapest.

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