Budapest public transport tickets

Budapest public transport tickets

If you go on a citytrip to Budapest it’s good to have some knowledge on forehand about the public transport and how it works. On this page you will find everything you need to know about the Budapest public transport tickets.

Overview tickets & prices

There is quite a bit of variety of Budapest public transport tickets. Beneath you will find the overviews of the most used single tickets and daily tickets. So you can decide yourself what works best for you.

SingleValid for a single trip without transfer*. £0.95€1
Single bought on the spotSame as the single ticket, but bought from the driver.£1.2€1.3
Block of 10A block of 10 single tickets. £8€9
Airport shuttle busValid for a single trip on line 100E only. £2.5€2.75
24/72h travelcard24 or 72 hours unlimited trips by public transport.£4.5 -11€5 - 12.5
7 day-travelcard7 days unlimited trips by public transport.£13.5€15
24h group-card24h unlimited trips for a group up to 5 travelling together£9€10
5/30 travelcard5 coupons, each valid for 24h. The card is valid for 30 days.£12€13.5

*Validity period is 80 minutes after stamping and 120 minutes on night services.

Budapest Card

Maybe you have heard about the Budapest Card? With this card you can travel with public transport for free and you receive a lot of other advantages. For example: you can enter 17 musea and the St. Lukács bathhouse for free, and there are much more things to visit for free or with a discount.

These groups travel for free in Budapest

In Budapest people who meet the following, are allowed to travel for free:

  • Children who don’t go to primary school yet
  • People aged above 65 and who are from the EU, EEA or Swiss citizens
  • Blind and hearing impaired persons

Make sure you always have your, or your kids ID with you so you can prove you meet the above standards. If you indeed are allowed to travel free you can just walk past the stamping machines, since there are no ports before you enter the metro. On request you have to show your ID. In busses and tram you can show your ID to the driver.

Where to buy Budapest public transport tickets

You can buy tickets for the metro Budapest at different spots:

  • at a ticket vending machine
  • at a ticket office
  • at the nearest public transport customer service centre
  • from another seller (e.g. the post office)
  • you can buy tickets to Bus 100E, 24-hour, 72-hour and Seven-day travelcards online

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    14 July 2022 at 01:38

    Hi I’m from England, I’m hard of hearing and I have other disabilities, I’m coming to Budapest on October, do I get a discount on transport? If yes what documents you require as a proof of my disabilities
    P.S. I use the public transport in England for free

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      27 July 2022 at 20:22

      Hi Souad,

      I am sorry for my late reply. Unfortunately I don’t know the asnwer.
      I’ve send an email to the public transport proveider and I am waiting for their response. As soon as I hear from them, I will let you know.

      Kind regards,

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